Arma's heatsinks aims to help lighting manufacturers speed their time to market. Arma offers lightweight aluminum AL6063-T5 heat sinks designed to increase lifetime and efficiencies for LED lighting Arma’s heat sinks provide a simple and cost-effective method to improve the thermal performance in various lighting applications. Heatsinks with radial fin structure offers omnidirectional airflow with anodised or press finish for optimum thermal performance. Suitable Led modules: Bridgelux Vero, Citizen CitiLED, Cree Xlamp, Edison Edilex, GE Infusion, Luga Shop, Lustrous Lustron, Megaman Teco, Osram PrevaLED und Soleriq, Philips Formito and Luxeon, Prolight Opto, Sharp Mega Zenitaga, Tridonic Stark, Vexica Lmaera, Cosslah Schwabe and etc.

Round Led Heatsinks

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