2147 ASL Rectangular Shape Led Profile

2147 ASL Rectangular Shape Led Profile

LED Etanj Armatür - Siyah

Polycarbonate LED Etange Fixture - Black

Polycarbonate LED Etange Fixture - Grey

The LED Etange Fixture is a LED Channel made of Polycarbonate Body with two color options, Black and Grey. It is a fully-enclosed and weatherproof-ready fixture that has two different heatsink insert options. These heatsink inserts offer a large surface for multiple or oversized LED Lighting sourcesDouble sided heatsink insert* is compatible with LED Strips up-to 2x 20mm (0.79”) wide, where Flat heatsink insert** offers a LED lighting source application surface up to 59mm (2.32”) wide. It is designed as a hotspot-free fixture thanks to its built-in Opal Diffuser.

*Must be ordered separately


 LED Channel 

Material Polycarbonate 
Height 71.00mm / 2.80"
Width 44.50mm / 1.75"
Length Availability 
1m / 3.28ft
2m / 6.56ft
3m / 9.84ft

Custom Lengths up to 6.1m / 20ft