1851 AS

1851 AS Aluminum Heatsink

664-AS Set

664-AS Set

564 AS Set

The 564AS-Set is a High Performance heatsink that can be designed to your specific needs. It can be used standalone or as a Forced Convection* Heatsink. The 564AS-Set is manufactured joining the 564AS type fin extrusions side by side to provide the flexibility to produce the required heatsink in different length and width options. The production process is complemented by Milling, which provides an excellent application surface. In addition, different fabrications that may be required for your application, such as drilling and tapping, can be provided.


 Forced Convection Heatsink  

Material Aluminum 6063-T5 
Surface Natural / Black Anodised 
Height 72.5mm / 2.85"
Width Custom Width as required
Length Availability  SKU
300mm / 11.81" 564AS-300
400mm / 15.75" 564AS-400

Custom Lengths up to 6.1m / 20ft

*Forced Convection Heatsinks help to manage the thermal level of your application using forced air cooling. They provide high performance cooling for challenging conditions when used with axial or radial fans.